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Presented by: Colectivo Violeta Noise

Thursday, May 27th 19:50 pm

Pastomino is a concert of sonorous and visual experimentation, with recording processes of deconstructed soundscapes that involved the active and immersive participation of the creators in the contexts: Palomino river basin (Guajira) and Pasto (Nariño), as extreme territories in Colombia.

The main idea of the concert is to represent the transit between two soundscapes through a wormhole (known in physics as Einstein-Rosen bridge), which defies time and space forming a shortcut to connect two extreme points (Palomino-Pasto), which seeks from the audiovisual, to interpret our questions about how to listen to Colombia, and what does Colombia sound like? In this way, to provide an aesthetic sound-visual experience to transport the listener-spectator on what happens daily in different territories of Colombia, between irregularities and regularities that implies the spatio-temporal chaos. The proposal works with elements of sound-visual experimentation in real time with digital and analog techniques of audio and visual image processing, in live band format, mixed with electro-acoustic production in non-real time, generating a combined narrative of audiovisual events.

This proposal is part of the SIAS project (Sound Art Information System), an investigation that has been mapping sound art in Colombia since 2016, in cooperation between the Antonio Nariño University (UAN) and the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana (PUJ). In this way, the project collects 15 days of field recordings in the mentioned contexts, where biophonies, geophonies, and anthropophonies were recorded; as well as narratives and elements of contextual valuation given by the communities themselves.

The Palomino River Basin, border zone between the departments of La Guajira and Magdalena, offers a multicultural transit environment and an environment of ancestral roots that historically has endured environmental crises, public order, cultural identity and state neglect. Even so, its biodiversity, the beauty of its landscapes and the confluence of indigenous communities, hippies, national and foreign tourists, offer a sound experience of complex dimensions. Pasto, capital of Nariño in the southwest of Colombia and located between mountains at the foot of the Galeras Volcano, offers the context of a small, cloudy city with a strong religious tourist tendency. Its natural surroundings offer another sonorous alternative.

Both environments represent two apparently distant points, geographically contrasting territories, but with certain cultural particularities that the project seeks to relate, highlighting a certain imaginary country called Colombia. With this audiovisual composition based on the memories recorded in the deconstructed landscapes in the work, it shows the possible transcultural interactions that can occur between these two extremes of the country.