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Paseos Dentro

Presented by: Paulina Martínez

Paseos Dentro explores the conversion of the body to adopt the experience of a robot vacuum cleaner. As a way of walking in pandemic, the work addresses the particularities of the presence of animated objects in our homes and our relationship with them. Based on the ontological turn, it proposes a new ontological experience that, from the homemade cyborgization of the body, seeks to embody the vacuum cleaner's experience of being. Thus, it activates questions about the place of agency and control, the choreography of interactions and the sinister experience of hybridization. The overflow in the use of the object is made possible through the development of a web device that allows the observation, analysis and tracking of its movements and guides the manufacture of garments to embody it. With the intention of expanding our possibilities of relationship with objects. Paseos Dentro proposes a methodology that brings together the empirical and the affective to point to a dialogue that generates relationships of complicity and mutual affection with the human.