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Diana Milena Reyes, Professor at the University of Manizales. Social communicator from the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, postgraduate in Media Arts from the Universidad de Córdoba y Caldas, with studies in the Master's Degree in Design and Interactive Creation at the Universidad de Caldas. With projects such as Estridente, the voice of the city, sound cartography. Teacher of Sonora narrative and Sonora documentary in 2016 at the School of Communication and various written approaches on object and soundscape.

Augusto Ramírez López, Professor at the University of Manizales. Social Communicator and Journalist, Master in Philosophy, has participated in theoretical research projects on the role of beauty in horror films. He is a professor of sound, camera and editing at the School of Communication of the University of Manizales, he also teaches at the National University of Still Photography. He has participated in several documentaries.

Laura García Betancur, Master's thesis student in Interactive Design and Creation, Universidad de Caldas. Social Communicator graduated from the University of Manizales. She has explored sound narrative in radio and audiovisual productions through projects with the Center for Memory, Peace and Reconciliation in the production of radio programs and documentaries. Assistant of the social laboratory ViveLab and co-founder of Colectivo Estridente.