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Presented by: Palimpsesto

Palimpsestos is a work that stems from a larger research-creation project, called Háblame al oído, which addresses traditional crafts as heritage assets in more traditional, and above all linear, formats. 

In a turn towards thinking about identity and memory from and for posthumanism, Palimpsesto is born, which seeks to break the narrative of the traditional trades of the Eje Cafetero, allowing the spectator to contemplate traditional experiences in a deconstructed scenario. The work is a contrast between traditional and daily practices such as spinning, carving, and making various trades, placed in the face of a posthuman scenario where oblivion and memory overlap and become present. 

The work is an invitation to think about ourselves and to search for the hidden, blurred, overlapping identity that concerns our current territories; it is an invitation to interconnect ourselves from the peripheries to the center. How can we then think of a collectively constructed experience as that of a traditional craft in a globalized and technologically more advanced scenario?