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Maria Paulina Gutierrez, Oscar “Tata” Ceballos, Christian Quintero, Mario Valencia and Julián Jaramillo Arango / Colombia

Loophole is a sound art installation that depicts the transitional period from conflict to peace, a temporary stage in the Colombian society reconciliation process. The piece proposes a journey by the Colombian Coffee Growing Area soundscape, through audio samples taken in pedagogical practices carried out in the project “Laboratorio Sonoro de Caldas”. The audio samples were taken in provinces and small towns of the Caldas Department: Chinchiná, Guayabal, Villamaría, Supía, San Lorenzo and Arboleda, where violence imprints and collateral effects of the Colombian armed conflict still remain.

In Loophole the listening space is endowed with a multichannel speaker system in order to project the sound recordings in a 3D diffusion mode. Therewith the visitor will be able to experience sounds coming from a 360° virtual space surrounding him. Besides the multichannel audio system, Loophole offers an optional Virtual Reality (VR) experience through three cardboard glasses that are located in the center of the installation space. Through the glasses the visitor can get into a virtual environment based on 360o photography of the Cultural Coffee landscape.