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Limonada limonada

Limonada limonada

Colombia / 4 min. / Video / 2021
Spanish with English subtitles

DIRECTORS: Juan Pablo Heilbron and Nicolás Palacio / PRODUCTION: Andrea Muñoz, Septiembre 83 / DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY: Alejandra Salazar / MONTAGE: Juan Pablo Heilbron, Nicolás Palacio and Carlos Osuna / ART DIRECTION: Julián Cortés / SOUND: Daniel Jaramillo, Ana María Ramírez and Alejandro Quintero

A young woman wanders around Bogotá and inadvertently falls asleep on the shoulder of a man on a bus. A black and white portrait of the capital in whose streets and nooks and crannies levitates a bourgeois youth as cold as its asphalt and as tender as a lemonade stand. This feature film is a tribute to cinema and cinephilia, which at times recalls New York independent films and, at times, the cinematographic apparatus fissures the verisimilitude of its own fiction. Between hustle and bustle and silence, Limonada, Limonada is an invitation to feel one's own body for a generation doped by drugs and post-punk.