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La Noche Desbarata Mis Sombras

La Noche Desbarata Mis Sombras

Colombia / 20 min / Video on paper / 2020

DIRECTED BY: Luis Esguerra Cifiuentes / PRODUCTION HOUSE: Bruma Cine / PRODUCTION: Luis Esguerra, Mareo Suárez Castiblanco / SCRIPT: Daniel R., Luis Esguerra Cifuentes, Jaime Esguerra Muriel / MONTAGE: Luis Esguerra Cifuentes / SOUND DESIGN: Luis Esguerra Cifuentes / PHOTOGRAPHY: Luis Esguerra Cifuentes

Now the barking dogs can be heard here, right next to us. Last night, Daniel had trouble falling asleep. Composed of more than 5000 printed and intervened photograms that build a diary of travels and dreams, where a diffuse memory is almost heard in the silent echo of the bathrooms and in the eternal passing of the water.