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Junta de Sombras

Presented by: Jaime Carvajal


Junta de sombras is a project born from the acquisition of a found archive of microcassettes. The archive has a total of 19 microcassettes with recordings dating back to 1981. Without any apparent order, this archive contains more than 30 hours of conversations between people involved in a lawsuit about the mismanagement of a commercial company that leads to the closure of one of its headquarters in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Due to the deteriorated conditions of the tapes, their lack of cataloguing and ordering, and a "spectral" quality in the sound contained in them, the purpose of this material is not to reconstruct the narration of the events, but to take advantage of their characteristics as sound objects and archives with concrete and symbolic qualities. On the one hand, the accumulated static, the dirt collected in decades of abandonment, and the reproduction nature of the support endow the sounds with a historicity and a unique and particular timbre. On the other hand, the fragmented and "northless" conversations allow for processes of montage and composition that at times make us witnesses of a process lost in time.