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Julián Thomas Sierra

Julián Thomas Sierra


I was born in Bogotá in 1997. I am very influenced by my dogs, my veterinarian parents and the vegetable garden that my grandmother takes care of in my backyard.  I like to write, draw, organize objects and make videos of what moves me. What interests me are the links, how they appear, how they degrade and are lost like all things and how valuable they can become. I can't stop thinking about how I am related to others, about the accidents that bring things together, about all those coincidences that can lead to the death of a mammoth allowing me to meet the love of my life, or how the invention of a wheel three million years ago means I now have to use a cell phone to show my feelings. 

I want to look for what is all that comes together in a love story to know what is all that I may someday lose.