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Johan Gallego

Johan Gallego


Visual artist, landscape artist, educator and cultural manager. Born in Jardín, Antioquia, in 1987. He began his training in painting at the University of Antioquia. Later, he studied Plastic Arts at the National University of Colombia, Bogotá. City where he lives and works. In recent years he has delved into the art of new media and time.

He is currently interested in relationships with landscape and territory from an expanded perspective. His work has been influenced by cave painting, contemporary practices and oriental art. He uses mixed techniques from the image field, makes mechanical objects and virtual works. The viewer can actively converse with most of his work.

He has been a plastic arts teacher and has carried out artistic interventions in community environments. He has also collaborated with entities dedicated to the dissemination of art and cultural heritage. Experiences that have nurtured his work.