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Jhonny Carvajal

Jhonny Carvajal


Jhonny Carvajal is an independent photographer and filmmaker born in Armenia, Quindío and based in Bogotá, Colombia. His photographic series that delve into a documentary and conceptual style have been exhibited in places like Casa Palma (Bogota) and Weik House (Uruguay). He has participated in exhibitions in digital magazines such as ViceVersa Magazine (NYC), Experimental PhotoFestival (Spain) and Loosenart (Italy). He has also given lectures on emerging photography and experimental image through the international photography festival Fotocultura. Also in film he has been presented in places like the Cinemateca de Bogotá and has won in the experimental category in festivals such as Embrión (Bogotá) and Panalandia (Panama-Colombia). 

Within his work, he explores diverse themes such as everyday life, culture, language and human emotions; generating concepts and stories from his own style that focuses on the intimacy and perception of the human being towards what surrounds him.  His most used techniques are multiple exposure, long exposure and experimentation with photographic collage, which combined with digital tools allow him to perform constant exercises of exploration and visual experimentation. Over time he has been establishing his own narrative from the manipulation of the image, destroying the classic perspectives of composition and color to highlight its own characteristics.