Javier Martin

Javier Martin


He develops an epistemological and critical research project on the movement arts. Situated in the choreographic and performative creation, he finds his escapes in different discursive overflows and their applications (writing, performative conferences, laboratories, research groups, etc.).

Since he started in 2005, he has created and presented more than 30 pieces in Spain, France, Russia, Portugal, Ukraine, Mexico, Guatemala and Uruguay. His work around movement and the body is based on the rigors of improvisation as the main method of creation and scenic language.

He approaches dance creation from a transdisciplinary perspective, collaborating with different artists and often opening his processes to other communities, striving for an expanded or uncreated body.

With the support of the Spanish Embassy and AC/E - PICE


Workshops Laboratorio SOMA

Soundscapes: Los actos de la inercia