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Ikse Maître / Béatrice Albert / Nadia de Bernardi / Vincent Hulot

Ikse Maître / Béatrice Albert / Nadia de Bernardi / Vincent Hulot


The interactions between us and our environment come first. We come later. Ikse Maître uses reality shifts to question the relationships we maintain with the world around us. By capturing the external environment and processing the acquired data, Ikse Maître works mainly in situ, adding video projections and computer-controlled sounds.
His research in art-science, in continuous evolution, places passers-by and spectators at the center of his ongoing behavioral works. His works appeal to curiosity placed on the unexpected and attention to faint signals. Along individual and collective paths of serendipity, they seek the conditions for processes of shared creative discovery with associated delights and disappointments. They play with meanings intermingled within artistic, scientific and social constraints.

As Ikse Maître has worked with sand, stone, statues, threads, fabrics, human bodies and even monitors at the local level to displace a living reality, no single material defines his work. He has made use of the medical image to reveal our inner depth and enhance human reality. He has worked on meticulously extrapolating general reality, projecting it onto distorted videos and experimenting with the interrelationships between visitors and the places visited.

Béatrice Albert is a professor at the University Paris-Saclay (France). She is interested in the diversity of life forms. Her model of study is the pollen grain of flowering plants. She tries to understand how these different life forms are generated and the influence of these forms on their reproductive success. For several years, she has been involved in mediation projects around the mysterious world of pollen grains. She is trained in ceramics.

Nadia de Bernardi has worked for many years in Parisian and international style offices as a designer. She follows her creative path through the practice of ceramics.
Vincent Hulot, sound director and self-taught musician, creates soundtracks for shows and interactive and evolving soundscapes. In particular, he has collaborated with director Pauline Bureau on most of her shows. In three of them, Vincent Hulot composed and performed on stage.