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I Want a Dyke for President

Presented by: Xuanxi Ge

The poem written by Zoe Leonard in 1992 continues to have a profound impact. This project is inspired by the poem and is a recreation based on it. The letters in the paste spell out the poem and will serve as nutrients for the slime mold, which will feed on it. Progressively, the poem will disappear and, at the same time, other unexpected bacteria will appear and compete for living space with the slime mold. This project aims to explore the following questions: What does politics mean when the world situation is characterized by turbulence? What happens when minorities and majority communities collide? Why do minorities not occupy political leadership positions around the world? This project addresses the influence of the pandemic on the world and the situation facing global minority groups. At the same time, it seeks to explore the possibility of bio-art, which could be considered a general medium for art in a gradual way.