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Google Rhapsody / BuildingToBirdsLCD10kfps.cine

Google Rhapsody / BuildingToBirdsLCD10kfps.cine 

Billy Sims / USA

A single image serves as the onset for a potentially continuous chain of phantasmagoric imagery. Using Google's image recognition in the search-by- image feature, the video moves through over 50,000 images from throughout the internet, crossing boundaries of professional and sociocultural utility. In reconciling these different modes of use, the search engine must swim across disciplines of visualization, evincing a semiotic coherence to parlay with that of the user.

This transformation of content is depicted twofold. Firstly, in one view, a hyperactive slew images progresses over 31 minutes, exposing unexpected topological shifts in rapidly near-anonymous content. Secondly, at an alternatively precise scale, the first 2.6 seconds of the video is scrutinized with a high-speed camera while being played on an LCD screen. The brief moment is magnified over 14 minutes and 36 seconds. At this speed the transition between images becomes apparently processual, and the association of content all the more conspicuous.