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Speaker: Rebecca Duclos

Viernes 28 de Mayo 10:00 am – 11:00 am

Sally Mann, Nada Subotinic, Spring Hurlbut-all contemporary women working across the spectrum of photography, architecture, sculpture or installation-who sometimes (certainly not always) work with animal bones. Why? There is no single impulse, no common nostalgia, no overriding romantic logic connecting their various works. So this talk should be, first, a talk about bones, and second, a talk about art. It will become a talk about artists who focus unabashedly on the material and immaterial properties of dead things. It will be about buried, stored, forgotten bones. About rotting, desiccated, pulverized bones. As a material for making art, bones (especially of other species), are a definitive choice that establishes a relationship with objects as absent subjects.