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Creo que sí

Presented by: Cristian Felipe Lizarralde

... without physical proximity nor emotional that turns society into a desert full of people” 

(Gubern, 2000: 165).

Tiny screens arranged within an infinite digital desert, just like the crowded desert mentioned by Román Gubern in his book Del bison a la realidad virtual: la escena y el laberinto, which inspires this proposal, which is in turn an epilogue to the previous work "Am I alive? 

"Creo que sií" is an answer fraught with uncertainty, as much as the reality of all humanity has been over the past year. No nation has been indifferent to the consequences of the confinement that even many continue to face today. This virtual installation is the continuation of the proposal Am I alive? where people from all over the world were invited to send signs of life from their respective quarantines, and where a diversity of audiovisual expressions about their condition of vulnerability were gathered. Now, as part of a collaborative creation exercise, the three nodes (different research centers in Colombia) continue leading the proposal from a research-creation perspective, around social relations, the relationship with technology, the saturation, oversaturation and collapse of the forced encounter with screens and devices, the exhaustion, but also the new opportunities that arise from these new ways of being and being.