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Colombia, Cuba / 13 min. / 16 mm / 2019
Spanish with English subtitles

DIRECTION: Leinad Pájaro de la Hoz / PRODUCTION COMPANY: EICTV / PRODUCER: Leinad Pájaro de la Hoz / CO-PRODUCER: Dany Celeiro Rodríguez / SCRIPT: Leinad Pájaro de la Hoz / RESEARCH: Leinad Pájaro de la Hoz / DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY: Pilar Perdomo Munevar / ART DIRECTION: Leinad Pájaro de la Hoz / DIRECT SOUND: Alan Mairena / SOUND DESIGN: Borja Barrera / SOUND MIXING: Marisol Cao Milán / MUSIC: Marisol Cao Milán / MONTAGE: Leinad Pájaro de la Hoz / GRAPHIC DESIGN: Evelin Batista

A block, a sequence shot and an attentive portrait of the daily life of a Cuban street. Atmósferas is a documentary exercise in which the author invites us to contemplate the daily life of an intergenerational and diverse encounter. This work reveals the beauty and multiple narratives that reside in the subtleties of this universe, some of them explicit and others are a game of imagination and attention that is proposed to us. Atmósferas brings with it interesting reflections in relation to the value of research in the creative process and the staging in the documentary for the construction of an individual and collective memory.