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Active Tele-spaces 4 / Tele Espacios Activos 4 (TEA4)

Active Tele-spaces 4 / Tele Espacios Activos 4 (TEA4)

Mario Valencia and Elizabet Granados Salgado / Colombia
Universidad de Caldas

“Active Tele-spaces” proposes the production and realization of a group of telematic performances in which assemblies of participants distributed in diverse geographic places, contribute, raise and develop collaborative telematic works. Each piece of live interaction elements consists of a sound-musical part of another visual with manipulation of live video, one more of corporal expressions and a last technological one that approaches subjects from the computer vision and BCI (Brain Computer Inteface) To HCI (Human Computer interaction) and Telematic interfaces, which integrate the artistic and aesthetic proposals of each work.

For this year TEA4, Directed by Mario H. Valencia Teacher of the Caldas University. Proposes the realization of 4 telematic works, all in formats of audiovisual performances where fields such as expanded documentary, live performance, computer brain interfaces, social interfaces, and telematic interfaces for audio-visual expression are explored.