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  • Fecha
    13 June, 2020

    Comunalizando la participación: La co-investigación y el co-diseño pluriversales

    Viernes 19 de junio a las 3:00 p.m. (UTC -5))

    This talk develops a particular approach to participation(s) otherwise, based on a two-fold premise: first, that the imperative of selective de-globalization –clearer now than ever with the Convid-19 crisis–, requires not only the re-localization of productive activities but the re-communalization of social life within a relational perspective; second, that to the extent that design has a role in this process, it needs to be based on equally relational (non-dualist, decolonized) approaches to collaborative knowledge production that contributes to the communitizing group’s autonomy.  Thus reconceived, “participation” becomes a problematizing practice at the interface of design and ontological politics.
  • Fecha
    13 June, 2020

    Communal production of images: communal work and indigenous memory

    Miércoles 17 de junio 8:00 am (UTC -5)

    Indigenous communal worlds are inhabited by plurals, diverse and countless images that enable the reproduction of life, of parties, mourning and rites. This talk will present an introductory overview of the dynamics of communal work and of indigenous memory that imagine, recompose, produce and enjoy multiple manifestations of communal iconography.
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