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        13 June, 2019


        María Paula Martínez

        Dirección de Comunicaciones
        Ministerio de Cultura /

        La Dirección de Comunicaciones del Ministerio de Cultura busca fortalecer a los creadores de contenidos para que desarrollen, produzcan y circulen en los medios de comunicación mensajes de calidad, incluyentes y pertinentes, que contribuyan a una cultura democrática y al reconocimiento de nuestra riqueza cultural.
        Entre estos creadores se incluye a realizadores de televisión cultural, productores de contenidos digitales, radialistas comunitarios y de emisoras de interés público, canales regionales, comunitarios y locales sin ánimo de lucro, realizadores independientes, periodistas culturales y en general todos aquellos que trabajan en la creación de cultura desde la comunicación.  
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        13 June, 2019

        Adriana González Hassig

        Grupo de Emprendimiento Cultural
        Ministerio de Cultura

        Coordinadora del Grupo de Emprendimiento Cultural del Viceministerio de Creatividad y Economía Naranja.
        Profesional en ejercicio desde 1999. Producción de cine y televisión, guión audiovisual. Gestión cultural y pública, legislaciones comparadas, gestión audiovisual. Selectora musical.
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        2 August, 2019

        Asher Remy-Toledo

        Hyphen Hub New York
        USA - Colombia /

        Asher Remy-Toledo is a Colombian-American cultural producer, instigator of collaborative models that are redefining the boundaries of artistic fields. He is currently the director and co-founder of Hyphen Hub, a New York-based organization working at the intersection of art and emerging technology. Hyphen Hub produces live performances, large and small-scale installations, exhibitions and immersive experiences. It also organizes art salons to discuss and present new work and where leading thinkers and practitioners in the worlds of science, art, design and technology come together. Hyphen Hub has built a global community of artists ranging from cyborgs, Fashion Tech designers, bionic men and women, and artists employing robotics, VR, AR and XR (Experiential Reality).
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        13 April, 2020

        Arturo Escobar

        Colombia / United States

        Arturo is Professor Emeritus of Anthropology at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. His main interests are: political ecology, ontological design, pluriversal studies and anthropology of development, social movements and technoscience.
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        13 April, 2020

        Gladys Tzul Tzul

        Maya / K'iche

        Gladys is a Maya K’iche sociologist and public intellectual, specializing in the study of indigenous forms of government and land ownership in Guatemala. She is also the co-founder of the collective of indigenous women photographers "Con Voz Propia". Her practice and research work addresses the politics of desire and indigenous forms of communal politics.
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        24 April, 2020



        Panorámic is the festival that has photography as the protagonist that is expressed in an expanded way through friendly disciplines such as cinema, video, installations and other contemporary artistic practices. A singular and unique cultural proposal.
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        24 April, 2020

        Cleomar Rocha


        Post-doctorate in Interdisciplinary Poetics (UFRJ), Cultural Studies (UFRJ), and in Intelligence Technologies and Digital Design (PUC-SP), PhD in Communication and Contemporary Culture (UFBA), Master in Art and Image Technology (UnB) and Bachelor of Arts (FECLIp).
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        25 April, 2020

        Eugenio Tisselli


        Eugenio Tisselli (Ciudad de México, 1972) es un artista, programador, e investigador independiente con un interés específico en el desarrollo de metodologías socio-técnicos para la práctica comunitaria.