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Results Chile-Colombia Call
XXI International Image Festival - SURtropias
Manizales-Bogota Colombia 

October 17th to 21st, 2022

Within the framework of the celebration of the 200th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Chile and Colombia, and in collaboration with the Ministry of Cultures, Arts and Heritage of Chile, and the Division of Cultures, Arts, Heritage and Public Diplomacy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Chile, the call was opened to creators and researchers of Chilean nationality or foreigners residing in Chile, seeking and encouraging encounters between those working in the fields of visual arts and new media.

The call for Chile covered 3 main lines: the academic call line that will be presented within the 18th International Academic Forum; then the artistic call line, within which are the categories of exhibitions, residency and soundscapes; and finally, the line of creative economies that will participate in the framework of the 9th Market of Design, Electronic Art and Technology, activities that will take place during the 2022 edition of the International Image Festival.

In the academic call, the selected candidates are:

  1. Katherine Barriga
  2. Elizabeth Burmann
  3. Isabel Santibáñez
  4. Ignacio Nieto and Marcelo Velasco

In addition, Diego Bernaschina, Amparo Prieto, Valeria Radrigán and Darwin Rodríguez are invited to participate.

In the category of exhibitions of the artistic call have been selected: 

  1. Sergio Mora-Díaz
  2. Cristóbal Olivares
  3. Cristián Tàpies
  4.  Sofía Garrido & Felipe Prado

Esteban Agosín, Josefina Buschmann and Renzo Filinich are invited to review the possibilities of participation. 

In the category of residence, the selected one is:

  1. Martina Mella  

For the last category within the artistic call line, corresponding to Soundscapes, the selected participants are: 

  1. Guillermo Eisner 
  2. Renzo Filinich
  3. Gisela Frick 
  4. Matías Serrano

 Finally, for the creative economies line, those selected are:

  1. Macarena Cáceres
  2. Nicole L’Huillier
  3. Iván Verdugo
  4. Liquenlab (Sandra Ulloa and Nataniel Crioforma) 
  5. The entire Theory of the Universe.

 The selection was made by 2 teams of jurors:

Academic line: 

Adriana Gómez (Colombia) Architect, Master and Ph.D. in Sustainability, Technology and Urbanism. Professor of the Department of Visual Design at the Universidad de Caldas and director of the Master in Design and Creation and researcher of the DICOVI Research Group of the same university.

Juliana Castaño (Colombia), Visual designer from the Universidad de Caldas and specialist in Image Arts from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Master in Design and Interactive Creation from the Universidad de Caldas, Master in Education, Universidad Católica de Manizales and candidate for a PhD in Design and Creation at the Universidad de Caldas.

Artistic line:

Tania Aedo (México), cultural producer specialized in the crossing between art, science and technology and director of Laboratorio Arte Alameda.

Raquel Caerols (España), D. in Applied Creativity, who co-leads the project "MediaLab Madrid as a transversal laboratory model: Art, Science, Technology, Society + Sustainability for the Digital Agenda".

Walter Castañeda (Colombia), D. in Design and Creation from the Universidad de Caldas, Master in Aesthetics from the Universidad Nacional de Medellin and specialist in Hermeneutics from the same university.

Daniel Cruz (Chile), Visual artist, Master of Arts from the Universidad de Chile and Certificate - Harvestworks Digital Media Art Center, NY. He currently works as an academic at the Universidad de Chile and is director of the Museum of Contemporary Art of the same university.

Ricardo Dal Farra (Argentina / Canada), Professor and Director of the Department of Music at Concordia University, Canada. Founding director of the Centro de Experimentación e Investigación en Artes Electrónicas (CEIArtE) at the Universidad Nacional de Tres de Febrero, Argentina, and research associate at the Music, Technology and Innovation Research Centre, De Montfort University, England.

Asher-Remy Toledo (Colombia/United States), Director and co-founder of Hyphen Hub, a New York-based organization working at the intersection of art and emerging technology.

Cleomar Rocha (Brasil), artist and researcher. Post-doctor in Interdisciplinary Poetics (UFRJ), Cultural Studies (UFRJ), and in Intelligence Technologies and Digital Design (PUC-SP), Dr. in Communication and Contemporary Culture (UFBA), Master in Art and Image Technology (UnB) and Bachelor of Arts (FECLIp). Professor of the Graduate Program in Visual Arts and Culture at the Faculty of Visual Arts of the Federal University of Goiás and coordinator of the Laboratory for Research, Development and Innovation in Interactive Media at UFG (Media Lab/UFG).

Felipe Londoño (Colombia), architect, Ph.D. in Multimedia Engineering and director of the International Image Festival. Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Design at the Universidad Jorge Tadeo Lozano, he was rector of the Universidad de Caldas in the period 2014-2018. He is also a member of the board of directors of the Ibero-American Theater Festival.

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